Show it

I swear that everyone I see in passing, old friend, or current friends, is the same story. “How are you?!” I prompt. They respond “Oh I’m really good. What about yourself?” 

“I’m so incredibly busy, but really good. Let’s try and hang out one of these days.”

Sure. It was a nice little convo as I rush onto the next thing in my busy schedule. But regardless of how genuine I’m actually being, I’m writing that off. I don’t follow up. Because I “don’t have the time” . 

I think that the biggest thing I’ve learned in the past year and continue to make myself practice practice practice, is to show the people you love, that you love them, you appreciate them, and really make your interactions and relationships with others high up there on that long list of “to-dos”. When you continually write people off, which I am notorious for, you are slowly knocking that person farther and farther down on that list and whether they care or not you are depreciating their value in your life. So shoot them a text. Follow up. Write them a letter. Give them a call. SHOW that you care. It could be just the thing they need that day. And you probably need them in your life too. 


To beginnings and triangles

I’d like to preface this by saying that I will probably be your run of the mill blogger. I have always been interested in blogging and I’ve finally taken the steps to make my very own. So here goes it.

My name is Mia Montanile. I am 20 years young. And I love life.

Here I hope to express my thoughts, ideas, passions with the intent on impacting others as well as myself. Life is a beautiful adventure but the ride is not always a smooth one. It’s important to always keep your focus upward, and by that I mean progressive and positive. That is where my idea of triangles comes in. I, like many others, have gone through my fair share of trials and tribulations. But those are the very things that make up your foundation of your own personal triangle. It is about this building of self and your own personal triangle. And no matter where you are currently in your life, the triangle will always be building upward. Don’t ever forget that.