Just Look

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery — Air. Mountains. Trees. People. I thought: THIS is what it means to be happy.”

Every morning I leave my house I look up the road and smile. Sometimes its covered by the clouds or the rain, but on the best days it stands glowing in the sunshine. I see it when I go to class, to town, to Camps Bay. This ‘it’ is the picturesque Table Mountain. But what I’ve come to learn is that beyond Table Mountain’s spectacular beauty, Cape Town has a lot more to offer. 

Front yard

This past Friday I took a visit to Kirstenbosch Gardens and could not help but breathe in the freshness and the crispness surrounding me. It filled the air, trickled throughout the winding streams, and seeped out of the grass, the trees, and the flowers. There were so many places to discover, even hikes, and waterfalls if you were up for the journey. We found a bench under a tree and enjoyed the fact that there was no where to be but in that moment. We walked across the boomslang walkway which wiggles when you walk to represent the movement and structure of the boomslang snake. (Simple suggestion for any of you going to try this out for the first time… Bring some wine. It makes it a bit more exciting!) As the sun began its descent and the mountainous shadows overtook the gardens we chased the sunlight until it was gone. 


The next day I had my first volleyball game against University of the Western Cape! Although we lost, it was such a thrill getting back on the court and competing again. The sports “high” I experienced was definitely something I’ve been missing for a while. Because volleyball is not so big here in South Africa the volleyball community is rather tight knit. So the next day we were invited to enjoy the warm weather playing beach volleyball in Camps Bay. I also forgot to mention, our coaches are the best beach volleyball players in all of Africa. Its pretty chilled.

One of my housemates Laura, is also on the volleyball team with me and so the two of us ventured off to Camps Bay via Minibus. For those of you who don’t know what a minibus is, it is basically one of the most cost effective ways of getting around Cape Town. They are vans that you hop on and off as they drive to various parts of the city. They also honk, whistle, yell, and stop and go excessively. It makes for quite the experience. To get to Camps Bay we had to travel into town and then from there to the beach. Once we arrived in Camps Bay, I immediately felt as if I was home again. The water looked inviting (although it really is FREEZING), the sky was clear and the sun was brilliantly shining down on the sand and all the sweaty volleyball players.The best part though was feeling my toes in the sand and looking up to see yet another famous landmark in Cape Town, the twelve apostles.

12 Apostles

Laura took a couple spills before we arrived; once off the minibus and once when we first arrived, so we came in with quite an entrance! One of our teammates Cassie quickly introduced us to some of the other players and afterward we all went to grab margaritas! It was definitely a fun Sunday and a good way to meet locals. We’re looking forward to playing there every weekend if the weather is permitting. 

That same Sunday, as some of you might have known, there was a super moon. For this I took a hike up to Rhodes Memorial with a good friend of mine to enjoy the full moon, the isolation, and the lights sprinkling across Cape Town below us. 

Rhodes Memorial Outlook

As always thanks for reading! Next weeks post I will be talking about my experiences at District 6 Museum, Robben Island, and Shark Cage diving!